21st March 2019 is the Worlds Down’s Syndrome Day!!! #LotsOfSocks, #BrightlyColouredSocks #SupportWDSD #March21

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Less than 48hours from now, the world will be creating awareness about Down’s Syndrome. Also abbreviated as WDSD, World Syndrome Day came into the sphere as an initiated by Down’s Syndrome International, which brought together charities across the globe to initiate projects, develop activities and set up events in a bid to sensitize the world and raise awareness in support of people living with Down’s Syndrome. The United Nations later on backed up the global awareness initiative starting from 2012.

So Why have the WDSD?

For various reasons but not limited to;

  • Developing activities,
  • Setting up events and
  • Initiating projects that will help raise awareness about the Down’s Syndrome.
  • Support those living with Down’s Syndrome
  • Highlight the facts of what it looks like to live with Down’s Syndrome
  • Affirm the contributions of people living with Down’s Syndrome in Society

March 21st

The WDSD is held on the 21st day of the third month for very significant reasons embedded in the core fabric of Down’s Syndrome. The 21st chromosome basically goes through a triplication (3) process that results to Down’s Syndrome.

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#LotsOfSocks, #BrightlyColouredSocks #SupportWDSD #March21

If you have a heart for the health of the society, there is just so much you can do. Chief contributors to our health today are those who do the little things. You can be one of them!!!

  • Get people talking about WDSD and the Down’s Syndrome itself
  • Talk about March 21, 2019 everywhere, including on socials
  • Wear Lots of brightly colored socks on March 21
  • Wear WDSD branded merchandize
  • Talk annoyingly a lot about Down’s Syndrome
  • Get WDSD ringing into people’s heads
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What do I need to know about Down’s Syndrome?

Ever met anyone, kids especially, with wide range of developmental delays and physical disabilities? There is a chance they are living with a rare and now becoming common genetic disorder called the Down’s Syndrome.

Also known as Trisomy 21, it is a genetic chromosome 21 type of disorder that results into developmental and intellectual delays. The disorder is caused by an abnormal cell division that results into extra genetic material from a chromosome numbered 21.


Most of these require a medical diagnosis and needs consultation with a medical doctor. Down’s Syndrome causes developmental delay, disability in learning, lazy eye or spots, short stature, children speech delay, difficulty in thinking and slow understanding, hearing loss, flaccid muscles, congenital heart disease, obstructive sleep, bent little finger and vision disorder among others.


Managing Down’s Syndrome is not an easy thing and may need a lot of patience from parents, care givers, therapists and doctors. However, early intervention programs with all these stake holders in addition to well trained specialists, special educators and trained therapists can be very helpful in managing Trisomy 21 with every child’s specific situation.

Requirements for adequate management include;

  • Regular physical exercise
  • Special Education
  • Support groups, Speech, Occupational and Physical therapies
  • Glasses to aid in sight
  • A number of specialists depending on the specific needs of the child

Treatment always helps; however, this condition cannot be cured. It is always important to seek a diagnosis from a medical practitioner before making conclusions based on observed symptoms. Diagnosis always requires that tests are done in the lab and sometimes imaging may be required.

Call to Action

Join the Campaign on March 21, 2019. Let us ensure that no one is left behind in this campaign. Below are ways you can help and get resources:

Share your story or that of a loved one and how you were affected by Down’s Syndrome

Join the campaign and create awareness #March21IsDown’sSyndromeDay

Support and make donations to a cause that is involved in Down’s Syndrome research

Volunteer to help a family and/or patients affected

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