7 Amazing Benefits of Running for Weight Loss | Organic Facts

Some of the top benefits of running for weight loss include controlling your appetite, improving your metabolic speed, burning off calories, saving time, making exercise more convenient, and even improving your dietary habits.

Metabolism: When you participate in high-intensity exercise, such as running your body’s metabolic speed increases. In other words, it naturally burns more calories and keeps your body in an elevated state of fat-burning, even long after your exercise is finished. Over time, you can increase your resting metabolic rate through running, which will keep your “machine” operating more efficiently, even while you work, eat, relax and sleep!

Calorie Burning: For people who want to lose weight, the primary goal of running is to burn calories, which will eventually result in shedding those pesky pounds. If you try a run-walk strategy, the results are even more noticeable. Elevating and dropping your heartrate, and interrupting strenuous exercise with periods of rest, can help your body boost its calorie-burning ability by being more reactive and dynamic. Aside from this, running is also known to be antidepressant in nature!

Protecting Heart Health: Running is an excellent way to keep your cardiovascular system in shape. Increasing your heart rate can work to strengthen the blood vessels and arteries, essentially giving your vascular system a workout, while also helping to keep your resting heart rate and blood pressure lower, which reduces strain on the cardiovascular system over the long term. Regular exercise in the form of running can also help lower cholesterol and lower your risk of diabetes.

Source: 7 Amazing Benefits of Running for Weight Loss | Organic Facts

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