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As women, we’ve been brought up to persevere illnesses, to be strong when it comes to our health so as to be able to get through child birth. We’ve been made to “ignore” the very painful period pains and take it as a woman, without complaint. With time, these illnesses whether acute or chronic, whether visible or not have become a part and parcel of our lives; a shadow of ourselves that it seems we are the only ones going through such.

It is time we spoke about all that we go through in our daily lives. It is time we broke the chains of silence and enlightened fellow women on what is “not normal”, where they can seek medical assistance and most of all the fact that they are not alone.

Linda Afya is creating a platform where women can write stories about their chronic and/or invisible illnesses (Fibromyalgia, Adenomyosis, PCOS, Endometriosis, Chronic Pelvic Pain etc), their day to day experiences be it good or bad.  You can write about your emotional, mental or physical happenings from the onset to diagnosis to how it has changed your life, misdiagnosis, how your loved ones are dealing with your condition, how it has affected your relationships, problems with health insurance. Assumptions/diagnosis you have experienced from the ‘googlers’.

Email us your story on wham@lindaafya.co.ke and we will post it and share it on our website www.lindaafya.co.ke

This is to help us build a community of women that can bond and help each other through their health concerns. Let us be our sisters’ keeper.

image source:house of mo
image source:house of mo

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LindaAfya is our platform as warriors to create and raise awareness on health issues both chronic and invisible illnesses that affect us. #YourVoiceMatters #MyHealthMyResposibility

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