An Oatmeal Morning…Appreciate yourself!!

Oats, people, oats. Lets do oats. I’m sure you’ve seen the trend is to go healthy, have you? Today I’m raining oats on all of you. Why? Because I have experienced it first-hand. Some people see oats and think, booorriiiing, but only a non-creative, non-adventurous mind would think so. There are so many ways to prepare oats but because we tend to believe we have such hectic lives we don’t have time to even prepare breakfast(I’ll get into this another time), I’ll leave a 5 min recipe here but first, why oats? 5 quick reasons why you should start consuming oats today.


  1. You know how you get hungry quickly after eating bread for breakfast, well, with oats, it stays in your stomach longer making you feel full longer hence less craving and biting on carbs and sugary snack and best part, it is a low calorie food.
  2. It packs high levels of protein and fiber and minimal fat so for all on a weight reduction, get oating.
  3. Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces risk of type 2 diabetes because of its magnesium. Type 2 is the lifestyle one in case you didn’t know or forgot.
  4. For people with celiac or who don’t consume wheat, depending on the storage of oats, oats is good for you. Don’t go mixing wheat products with oats.
  5. Enhances immune response to disease. The unique fiber in oatmeal called beta-gluten also has been shown to helps neutrophils travel to the site of an infection more quickly and it also enhances their ability to eliminate the bacteria they find there

Now to the quick, NUTRITIOUS oats recipe


  1. Oats – A handful will do.
  2. Milk – for those who don’t, water can be used
  3. Banana – just one or the fruit of your choice
  4. Honey – not a must but it has its benefits plus it’s a substitute for sugar
  5. Pawpaw – totally optional



Pour the oats in a pan or small sufuria, low heat, add the milk, small amount and mix for a minute or two till you see the oats and milk thicken. Remove from pan and place in a bowl. Pour a teaspoon of honey on it, cut the banana and/or small piece of pawpaw on top. That’s it. Breakfast is ready.

Oats is around sh200 per 500gms depending on where you shop and that half kg can last you more than 5 times depending on the amount you eat. So what’s your excuse for not having a healthy breakfast?


Some of these things are in our hands, taking care of our health is a form of appreciation.

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