Be your own shujaa!!

With all the rising cases of diseases such as diabetes cancers in the country and the grim statistics of ¾ of the victims succumbing to these diseases ,this should be enough for us and the government to be disturbed into action. Unfortunately we aren’t. The government is yet to commit to the cancer screening and treatment throughout the country. We still wait in line for over one year for radiology yet we have meetings and organise conferences discussing that. Sad. But before we get into those, let’s look at our own undoing.

We are now opting for supplements. Going for vitamin tablets yet we live in a country where the weather is favourable for different kinds of fruits all year round. Due to hard economic times, you get pieces of fruit for as little as sh10. We think it’s cool to take these supplements yet these are chemicals we are ingesting into our bodies. There is nothing cool about it, it doesn’t up your status.  Our lifestyles have changed we think for the better but it’s for the worse. Look at what you put on your tables nowadays. Look at what you do nowadays. Taking the stairs is a pain and you only know where the said stairs are the day the lifts stop working and you grumble all the way up and down the stairs. Even those going to first floor would rather wait for 5 minutes for the lifts than take the stairs. We know longer take walks, we drive to the our destinations where we just eat and chat all day, drive home and land on the sofa till bedtime. We claim we no longer have time to exercise but what have you done in your very busy schedule to substitute? It’s your health, it should be your responsibility. Why can’t you spare even 1 hour to do so? Disease and ailments don’t  care who or what status you are in. I’m not saying all diseases are brought by us but for the most that are, what are you doing about it to prevent it? You wait for holidays so that you can bum and eat all the junk, yet you already do that all week long. You wait till you are sick for you to look at lifestyle changes.

Then there are those who exercise and because we have exercised, we reward ourselves with that jumbo soda and junk food in our system. My dear family and friends, you might as well stop and go sleep.

We fall sick and go to hospital. We see the doctor and go home with the meds prescribed to us. How many can honestly say the ask the doctors what tests that are being done to them and why? After the tests, do you ask what the results are? Why is he prescribing those meds and what are the side effects? We just take meds and go home and don’t question anything then when we feel worse, we blame the doctor and while you there you never bothered to tell the doctor if you are allergic to anything he prescribed. How many of us have a specific hospital we go to when we are ailing or do we keep jumping hospital to hospital that even keeping a record of your medical history is a problem? If you can be serious about money, why aren’t you serious about your health. Health is and should always be your priority. How are you to make this money if your body is not working at optimum? Do not ignore that recurrent ache in your body. Do not assume that lump and wait for it to magically disappear.

Take charge today. Make those little but meaningful changes today.

Be your own shujaa and take responsibility for your health.

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