Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign #October #Kenya #WearItPink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

The breast cancer awareness campaign runs internationally in the month of October every year. The aim of the campaign is to create public awareness that breast cancer is a disease that exists and how it can be managed. The awareness seeks to expose to the public the dangers, prevention and all available treatment options. The target is to reduce stigma and encourage early diagnosis for effective treatment, through public education.

Here in Kenya and East Africa, there are a number of organizations that work to create breast cancer awareness hence joining the international network to suppress the malady.

Cancer Free Women is a foundation that does breast cancer advocacy and is one of the organizations that have taken the forefront in the breast cancer awareness program here in Kenya. Apart from raising funds, they lobby for better care, knowledge for the general public and empowering patients. Sometimes she runs free or low-cost services during her campaigns in solidarity with the pink ribbon culture

Women for Cancer Early Detection and Screening not only does awareness campaigns but also educates on breast cancer as well as screening services for patients countrywide. Cervical cancer is also part of their future plans.

There are other organizations that give lots of educative programs. The Cancer Awareness Center of Kenya is one such organization, providing programs that empower the population with knowledge of all types of cancers. They have lots of information on bulletins, newsletters and flyers. Screening services are available for all who need the services

Hope Beyond Cancer is a Trust that provides awareness, education and screening programs on breast, cervical and prostate cancer. It serves people from all over the country and has lots of literature on treatment and how to survive cancer in many other local languages including Swahili, Kikuyu, Luhya, Kamba, Luo and many other tracts are in the pipeline.

Hope for Cancer Kids supports cancer that hits during early ages. This organization supports childhood cancer patients and their families in Webuye, Kisii, Nyeri, Machakos, Eldoret, Muranga and Nairobi.

Lancet Kenya consists of a chain of laboratories used for pathology. Lancet is known for their professionalism in providing diagnostic, monitoring and screening tests that run from routine to specialized esoteric tests. Its primary area of operation is in the private health sector. It offers direct specialist pathology services to doctors and their patients or through insurance firms, hospitals, corporates and the industrial sector.

These and many others not mentioned here provide care and support for breast cancer and are integral in the cancer awareness campaign. Visit their online portals to get more information.

The Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations brings together all community based cancer organizations that are active in creating cancer awareness, education, screening and prevention. They also advocate for patient support in Kenya as they serve as a unified body in advocacy and supporting the awareness efforts of partner organizations within the network.

The Pink Ribbon Culture #WearItPink

The breast cancer culture is commonly known as the pink ribbon culture. The pink ribbon is the solidarity emblem for breast cancer. The pink ribbon culture represents the cultural outgrowth of the advocacy efforts for breast cancer, the mass movement in social support and the women’s health movement at large.

The campaign #WearItPink targets mobilizing networks to create a mental picture of the support women need in realizing how important their health is. This is real for all breast cancer patients.

Will you Get Involved?

Get involved through the campaigns. These campaigns help many women to get access to cancer screening, drugs etc. By simply sharing information women need to know about breast screening and offering support, you count among the few who save lives. Let us work towards the day where breast cancer no longer claims our women’s lives!

Join the Movement!

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