Does your Daughter Know?

Have you talked to your daughters about periods, sex and hormonal changes? If so, when did you do it? At what age did you start the discussion? If you haven’t, what is preventing you from starting the conversation? Do you feel they are too young or are you afraid of an awkward conversation? If you are a parent who experiences hormonal or reproductive health issues, what do you tell you are daughter? Is she part of your journey or do you shut the door on them?

When it comes to talking about sex, periods and their reproductive health try and have a two way conversation and not a preaching of facts down their throats. This two way conversation should not be once and done but regular conversations.

A lot of girls grow up having reproductive issues that they don’t know about it, are ignored or dismissed for having it and this may continue into adulthood. Do not ignore the bad that may come with hormonal changes that may affect a girls/woman’s health. Don’t sugar-coat it, it helps NO ONE. The lack of knowledge leaves girls and women ill prepared when to comes to matters menstruation, sex, child birth, health issues.

Talk to your daughters early, create an environment free of judgement to ease the conversation. Let your daughters know what’s happening to their bodies and let them be confident about it. Do your research and include a doctor if you are not too sure about some of the topics but make it regular. Bring up an informed woman.


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  1. Not a bad idea……It should start from parents and not wait the school teachers to educate the girls on periods and hormonal changes. The girls will always feel comfortable asking the parents questions rather than their teachers. Thanks so informative

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