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Hey, yes you… I’m sure you’ve heard of diabetes, haven’t you? You know at least one person who has it but do you know exactly what it is? If not, lets read a brief summary below

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar 3. Hyperglycaemia, or raised blood sugar, is a common effect of uncontrolled diabetes and over time leads to serious damage to many of the body’s systems, especially the nerves and blood vessels – WHO

There are 3 types of diabetes:

  1. Type 1 diabetes – (previously known as insulin-dependent, juvenile or childhood-onset) is characterized by deficient insulin production and requires daily administration of insulin. The cause of type 1 diabetes is not known and it is not preventable with current knowledge.
  2. Type 2 diabetes (formerly called non-insulin-dependent or adult-onset) results from the body’s ineffective use of insulin. Type 2 diabetes comprises the majority of people with diabetes around the world, and is largely the result of excess body weight and physical inactivity.
  3. Gestational diabetes is hyperglycaemia with blood glucose values above normal but below those diagnostic of diabetes, occurring during pregnancy. Women with gestational diabetes are at an increased risk of complications during pregnancy and at delivery. They and their children are also at increased risk of type 2 diabetes in the future.

In Kenya, it is estimated that more than 1.8million people between 20 and 79 years are living with diabetes. In 2016, during the World Health Day, WHO and Lancet jointly published a report, showing that the prevalence of diabetes in Kenya was six per cent in 2014, a 150 per cent rise from 2.4 per cent in 1980.

As you’ve read, this is a chronic illness that is on the rise…. And it is rising fast.. How can you delay or prevent Type 2 diabetes? The power is in your hands, or rather lifestyle..

How can the burden of diabetes be reduced? 



Simple lifestyle measures have been shown to be effective in preventing or delaying the onset of type 2 diabetes. To help prevent type 2 diabetes and its complications, people should:

  • achieve and maintain healthy body weight;
  • be physically active – at least 30 minutes of regular, moderate-intensity activity on most days. More activity is required for weight control;
  • eat a healthy diet, avoiding sugar and saturated fats intake; and
  • avoid tobacco use – smoking increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Diagnosis and treatment

Early diagnosis can be accomplished through relatively inexpensive testing of blood sugar.

Treatment of diabetes involves diet and physical activity along with lowering blood glucose and the levels of other known risk factors that damage blood vessels. Tobacco use cessation is also important to avoid complications.

Interventions that are both cost-saving and feasible in developing countries include:

blood glucose control, particularly in type 1 diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes require insulin, people with type 2 diabetes can be treated with oral medication, but may also require insulin;

blood pressure control; and foot care.

Other cost saving interventions include:

  • screening and treatment for retinopathy (which causes blindness);
  • blood lipid control (to regulate cholesterol levels);
  • screening for early signs of diabetes-related kidney disease and treatment


Sources: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs312/en/

A little helper, I mean in this fast paced world we need help every now and then and why not have it at the palm of your hands?

Baobab Circle,  United Kingdom based technology company, has developed a mobile app, AfyaPap which collects subscribers’ personal health data and provides them with customized education. Kenyans suffering from diabetes and hypertension can now receive regular personalised information on how to manage their conditions thanks to this new mobile application called AfyaPap

Afya Pap is not just a passive app but it is an interaction platform for individuals with diabetes and hypertension that gives subscribers regular feedback as they manage their chronic condition. It delivers informed, personalized information on diabetes management, plus tips on how to exercise, maintain a balanced diet, mental wellbeing and sexual health. 


So get to the PlayStore and not only are you getting advise on how to manage medical conditions through easily accessible digital products from are a team of passionate doctors, nurses, and nutritionists but you could stand a chance to win one of the 3 pedometers to be given away…

The app can be downloaded and more information obtained through the links below:




Download the app and send us a screenshot of the downloaded app today. The competition will remain open until 15th April 2017 after which Winners will be announced..

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