#Endometriosis Awareness: Ways to get involved in Awareness


March is Endometriosis Awareness Month!

Endometriosis is not just a bad period, that you just take paracetamol and/or Ibuprofen and then boom, you are Okay! Moreover, endometriosis is not healed by pregnancy or hysterectomy. There are many myths and misconceptions about endometriosis that need you to demystify in order to help patients get quick and adequate medical care about it. Those suffering from the disease, and yes that is the right way to refer to it, do not have to be confused about.

The month of March is just about the right time to help demystify these misconceptions, provide facts for what endometriosis is and help women worldwide. This is exactly what patients, charities and organizations will be doing all month long and beyond. We are therefore joining them in sharing factual information on the disease to raise the much-needed awareness.

Why do we need Awareness for Endometriosis? Don’t we have plenty of awareness already?

Anyone who is keen about women’s health, anyone who has a sister, a mother, a girlfriend or a wife, anyone who cares about the health of the unborn baby, knows also that it is not true that endometriosis has had plenty of awareness. This is the reason why we ought to join in the movement and fight it with every ounce of our energy. There is a desperate need for awareness because very few people have heard about this disease, yet it affects an estimated 176 million women world-over! This essentially means in every 10 women, one is suffering from endometriosis. This is staggering!

You can be involved in a number of ways:

Everyone can get involved in creating awareness about this in a number of ways. Linda Afya suggests a few ways to get the correction information circulating.

  1. Talk about it

When you meet, what do you talk about? It is highly unlikely that you do not interact with family, friends, colleagues and service providers. The simplest way to raise awareness is to have conversations about endometriosis on the go. Drop it into the lengthy conversations you have. People want healthy lifestyles, you would be surprised how many people want to get involved in such a conversation.

  • Share it Online, talk about it on your socials

Take the conversation further to your social media accounts. Share helpful facts (in confidence) about endometriosis, experiences of yourself or someone else, their feelings and yours towards the disease. You will also be surprised about how many people will be interested to know what endometriosis is. The important thing is to get them googling and binging about endometriosis. Get also someone who has gone through the experience share their journey. This will help the unnoticing population start noticing and interacting with the word endometriosis more often. The goal is for them to know the disease exists.

  • Take time to educate yourself

This involves taking time to improve your own knowledge about endometriosis. Read articles and books, medical journals, especially for those have been newly diagnosed with endometriosis. This helps a lot when it comes to sharing information. It is good to share information but it is most important to share correct information. Help others understand the extent of the disease and at the same time help them not to panic, but also know that painful periods are very normal. Advice those that have experiences that border these similarities to seek medical advice.

  • Join an awareness campaign or an event

Many awareness campaigns and events run during the Endometriosis awareness month in March. Some are week long, others one day walk and runs, others march on the street sharing information. You can join any of these that are happening close to your address. Every country has in one way or another a charity or an office that directly deals with matters endometriosis. Find out who and where they are and get involved.

Join the Movement!

Share your story or that of a loved one and how you were affected by Endometriosis

Join the campaign and create awareness #MarchisEndometriosisAwarenessMonth

Support and make donations to a cause that is involved in Endometriosis research

Volunteer to help a family and/or patients affected

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Join us in the next article where we talk about facts about endometriosis

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