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On my way to Ruiru in a matatu, a fellow passenger got an epileptic attack. She was convulsing and foaming in the mouth. Most people didn’t know what to do but they were all willing to help. Luckily the quick effort and little knowledge from everyone ,she was okay within 5 minutes and we continued on our journey. Now what concerns me deeply is our lack of First Aid knowledge. I believe first aid is something that should be embedded in our curriculum and should be made compulsory in all our schools from primary to secondary and universities/college. Companies should also ensure that employees are first aid aware and not just own a first aid kit that only one or two people know how to use.

First Aid( First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery.) is very important because those first few seconds/ minutes on how you handle an incident may determine the life or death of a  convalescent/victim. Why I’m insisting it should be compulsory is because you can never predict when/where an accident will happen or when/where one will fall sick. What happens when your child falls from a swing in the playground and there is no adult nearby or the adult doesn’t know the first aid measure required in such an incident? What happens when you are miles away from a hospital and someone collapses? How do you handle victims who are in a car accident? If you are in an accident, your life could be determined by the immediate measures taken before you reach to the nearest medical facility. What happens when an expectant woman needs first aid? I love the fact that we, Kenyans are always willing to help but is that help worsening the situation?

image: nn4now
image: nn4now

Let’s not leave such emergencies and knowledge to Red Cross and St John, medical personnel or first aid clubs in schools. Let’s make first aid knowledge a part and parcel of our daily lives because not only will you save someone’s life but YOUR LIFE could be saved by the effective first aid measure applied on you. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and those concerned please do what is needed to make first aid knowledge available to everyone. Be a hero, save lives.

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