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I had been diagnosed with #Fibromyalgia a while back, been on the medications also for a while but my meds had ended and I needed to get a refill but my doc wasn’t available. I thought this might be a chance to check out a new doctor and get another opinion…and yes, I had had 100+ other opinions before. So I checked into one of these hospitals, those ones that are considered to be one of best in Nairobi.

They did the usual BP , weight checked and I was led to see the doctor. He was a young doc who said hi, without looking at me and was busy on my form by now. So I sat on the chair and I waited till when he had ‘time’ to look at me and address me. When he finally realised I’m not talking he looked up and asked me, ‘so what is the issue?’ I told him I had been diagnosed with FMS and I hadn’t taken my meds for a while and my aches and friends were coming so I needed him to prescribe some meds. He looked at me with suspicion and asked me to describe the symptoms which I was doing before he interrupted me and told me, ‘ Do you know fibromyalgia is not real, what you are describing is a problem with your bones. Your doctor lied to you,’ so I simply told him , I have had a battery of tests including from one of the best ‘bone’ guys. I had a boo of tests including what he has already assumed I had ( without a test) and he simply told me he KNOWS what I had and quickly scribbled ‘hallelujah, the cure medication’ and told me to take it for a month and I would be healed.

Now it is good even with your doctor to get another opinion but a doctor who immediately dismisses you, KNOWS MORE BECAUSE HE IS KING DOCTOR is a no in whatever world. I tried to tell him, as much as I had been diagnosed with FMS, I had also done my homework, research and all the symptoms are a hit plus the meds that I had started on where actually working plus I asked what his prescription is exactly going to help and all I got, if you take it for a month you’ll definitely feel better. No further stories or informing me of any side effects. By the way, those meds DID NOT HELP AT ALL.

Doctors who believe they know more and dismiss the patient should be stopped. You don’t take time to know the patient beyond the symptoms and don’t even ask what led to the symptoms. You don’t take time to understand the patients mental state before reaching your office and how your dismissal of their symptoms could affect their attitude and mental state. Please I am more than a disease or illness , I am also human.

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