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Nairobi; November 30th  – Nailab in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) through the iAccelerator program, have over the last four months seen four startups build and refine solutions that will aid young people in accessing credible age appropriate information on sexual reproductive health.

The four  innovations, Imara TV, Sophie Bot, Jump Arena and Deaf Elimu, have through the acceleration program validated and developed their solutions. Through training, mentorship and focus group discussions with the youth, they have learnt how to maneuver the business world and make their solutions relevant in addressing the issues facing young people. More specifically, they have gained insights into the health sector through renowned mentors in the industry.

It is estimated that young people under the age of 30 years make up 75% of the Kenyan population. Many of these young people do not have access to accurate information on their sexual and reproductive health, making them vulnerable to sexual abuse/violence, unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, and other health challenges.

The four solutions were designed to reverse this trend with a focus on content generation and dissemination, game learning, and peer to peer learning. The solutions, in the four month pilot period, have been accessed by 73,895 young people between the ages of 15 and 21 years. These numbers signify the great potential that lies with these innovations that are driven by young people for young people. “The value of such solutions is that we will see direct impact on behavior change of our young people through the creation of self based controls and understanding of their sexuality and sexual rights”, said Sam Gichuru, Nailab founder. Mr. Gichuru went on to say that, such innovations will help us transcend boundaries and generations.

Comedian and YouTube Content Creator Jamo Ule Msee takes a moment to share video content creation tips with Stephen Maina of Imara TV for their sexual reproductive health channel.
Comedian and YouTube Content Creator Jamo Ule Msee takes a moment to share video content creation tips with Stephen Maina of Imara TV for their sexual reproductive health channel.

It is our fervent hope that the young people of this nation will immensely benefit from these platforms translating to healthy lives and fulfilment of potential”, said UNFPA Deputy Representative to Kenya and Officer in Charge, Ms. Gift Malunga”

The acceleration program which is anchored within the I.AM campaign has so far reached 687,518 young people through various online engagement initiatives. The campaign has also seen active participation and support from the Government of Kenya through the National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) and the Ministry of Health in designing and alignment with the Government priorities articulated in the Vision 2030 social pillar focusing on health with the endeavor to enhance the reproductive health status of all Kenyans.
The 4 innovations are:

Jump Arena: http://fluidkenya.com/index.php/jump-arena

A mobile game, combining fun and learning, that brings to life sexual and reproductive health information through gamification. Faced with challenges to overcome, young people will advance in the game by knowing and learning about SRH issues.

Sophie Bot: http://sophiebot.tk/

Team SophieBOT
Team SophieBOT

An artificial intelligence system fed with information on sexuality and sexual reproductive health that answers young people’s questions about SRH issues. Sophie Bot’s features include anonymous forums and digital chat-bots built on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Messenger and as an android app.

Imara TV: https://imara.tv/#/edutain

An online crowd sourcing of youth generated video content on human development and sexuality. The systems utilizes YouTube to disseminate peer educators accredited content

Sex ELimu Sign Language: https://sexelimu.deafelimuplus.co.ke/

A web and mobile based application that enables deaf youth to search for specific and un-translated vocabulary and content on SRH in Kenyan Sign Language (KSL). The information is provided through web and an android- based application.

https://we.tl/qWe2OA0uJ8 – DD Communications & Advocacy Byte.

https://we.tl/HVr7NuFWB2 -Ms. Judith Kunyiha -UNFPA Assistant rep Byte

https://we.tl/uh8CHD0IlU -Katana Clifton -Ministry Of Health

https://we.tl/cZv7NfRr4E -Sam Gichuru -Founder Nailab byte

https://we.tl/WoKSwye4mv -2016 Demo Day Cuts

Tsehai Afewerki, Nohisoa, Agnes and Martha Elisa
Tsehai Afewerki, Nohisoa, Agnes and Martha Elisa

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the lead UN agency for delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe, and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. In Kenya, UNFPA, was established in 1972 and has been expanding the opportunities for women and young people to lead healthy and productive lives. UNFPA works in partnership with the Government, development partners, private sector and other key-stakeholders. Visit www.kenya.unfpa.org for more information.

Marloes Kibacha, Ilija Weber of UNFPA and Kigen Korir
Marloes Kibacha, Ilija Weber of UNFPA and Kigen Korir

About Nailab

Nailab (Nairobi Incubation Lab), a startup incubator/accelerator launched in 2010, offers an entrepreneurship program focusing on growing innovative technology driven ideas. This is done through providing business advice, technical training and support, professional mentoring and coaching, giving access to market and fostering strategic partnerships as well as linking them to investors. The incubator has so far transformed the lives of over 100 youth, in the country, through entrepreneurial mentorship and training.

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