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Hello warriors, lets us join hands to help a fellow warrior in this chronic journey. A Warrior and Advocate in the awareness of Lupus. Below is her journey.
My Story
Juliet Maruru

My name is Juliet Maruru. I am a writer, editor, blogger living and working here in Nairobi. I have worked with Storymoja and Storymoja Festival to advocate for reading and literacy. I also work with She Blossoms & The Lupus Foundation of Kenya to raise Lupus Awareness and support people living with Lupus in various ways. That’s me.

Since 2009 I have been living with a companion, who was identified a few months ago as a disease complex called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which combines Lupus (SLE) and multiple endocrine disorders. As a result of the complex I have developed secondary Cushings Disease, early stage heart disease and liver disease. MCTD is an autoimmune disease that has no cure. It can however be controlled.

I have been in medical care here in Nairobi but due to multiple reasons I have sought help from the BLK Super Specialty Hospital, on Pusa Road in New Delhi, India to help me bring my so far uncontrolled Lupus and endocrine disease under control. So far, I have raised funds for the preliminary testing and management of my conditions.
A small hurdle is standing in my way. I really need your help in raising funds for my flight tickets and any additional care bills that may arise. I appreciate whatever you can give as well as your prayers and positive thoughts.
Thank you!
Love & Light,
Juliet Maruru
Please click here and let’s together help Juliet on this journey.
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