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The re-introduction of the Free Primary Education in 2003 was one milestone that will be
applauded for a long time. For one, it gave more opportunities for children who were out of
school in a bid to restore the intellectual health of a population that was slowly waning away
because of financial incapacity.

More importantly, in a male dominant society, the little money families would get would be
used to educate the boychild leaving the girlchild’s intellectual health at stake. Today the
scales have been tipped. Girls have been able to rise through the education system and have
an equal chance with boys hence restoring their intellectual wellness.

However, this re-introduction did not come without downsides. Within one year of
implementation UNESCO, 2005 reported an increase in gross enrolment rate (GER) which
resulted in more than 1.5 million out of school children joining primary schools. This increase
in enrolment put a strain on school facilities including physical facilities, sanitary, hygienic and
toilet facilities.

This state put juveniles in another level of risk. A health risk, that would be brought about by
congestion with limited facilities.
More than a decade later, the country can appreciate efforts by organized groups to salvage
the situation that worsens by the day.

Spread the Love Campaign is an initiative by Mavuno Church. Its aim is to harness people and
resources in a bid to restore dignity and hope for children in public primary schools and those
in correctional facilities.

Since its inception, Spread the Love Campaign’s goal has been to raise a million hours every
year in community service through mobilizing volunteers.

In 2018, the initiative together with her partners is focussing on rehabilitating five public
schools including Rabai Road Primary School, Plainsview Primary School, Lavington Primary
School, Mlolongo Primary School and State House Road Primary School.

Importance of renovation
Living in a community, and especially, one like a public primary school, calls for stringent
measures on sanitation. The campaign is already going a long way to repaint classrooms,
rebuild kitchens and toilet blocks in this five schools.

Pastor Milton Jumba, Executive Pastor in charge of City Impact at Mavuno Church

In a statement, Pastor Milton Jumba, Executive Pastor at Mavuno reiterated the importance of coming together in the spirit of nationalism expressed in the national anthem.

Let all with one accord, in common bond united, build this our nation together”, he said.




The campaign had its fundraising activities culminate on 18th August 2018 with volunteers
participating in work hours in various schools.

With a target of raising 4.8 million toward this year’s renovation requirements, the Spread the
Love Campaign targets to raise human resource (to paint, plant trees and landscape) and
finances for purchase of materials required at the specific schools (paint, paint brushes, rollers,
sandpaper, drinking water, trees, manure etc) to get the work done.

All these are aimed at improving sanitary facilities, especially for girls. To improve sanitation
even further, the availability of water is key both for cleaning or washing and drinking.

It is also important to have separate sanitary facilities for both girls and boys. This includes
enough water in the girl’s toilets and sanitary bins. Such kind of privacy boosts the pupils’
confidence as well as their safety.

A toilet at Mlolongo Primary



These renovations will go a long way in easing the pressure in schools like the situation experienced at Mlolongo Primary School where 1350 students share eight toilets, two of which are mabati pit latrines with no doors.




A learning environment
Distractions of many forms like the ones experienced in some of the schools around the city
are an impediment to learning. Damaged noticeboards, missing doors, windows, inadequate
furniture and broken desks are not good for grades. The Spread the Love Campaign looks to
improve the learning posture by renovating desks and chairs as well. This will, in turn,
convert into excellence in academics because of general academic, the mental and physical
health of the child.

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With a target of raising 4.8 million toward this year’s renovation requirements, the Spread the Love campaign is raising both human resource (to paint, plant trees and  landscape) and raising finances that would allow purchase of materials required at the specific schools (paint, paint brushes, rollers, sand paper, drinking water, trees, manure etc) to get the work done.

To volunteer or contribute to such a worthy cause:

Facebook: @SpreadTheLoveKenya

Twitter: @STL_KE

Jacqueline Mathaga

Chairperson  – Spread the Love Strategy Team



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