#MenstruationMatters….Because Girls Matter, Period!!

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I saw a girls school on TV that had no toilets or access to clean water and a tear left my eye. These girls have to go to the bush and I wondered what they do during their periods. Then I asked myself what they use a form of sanitary product because let’s be honest, these disposable sanitary products are expensive and not accessible to the majority.


Menstruation should not paralyse life where girls end up missing valuable school hours, women missing work because of unavailability of sanitary products or debilitation conditions such as PCOS, Adenomyosis and Endometriosis. Ladies, it’s not your fault for having irregular periods or being in pain, it’s not normal and one should seek medical attention.

We shame women on their periods and we women shy away from talking about periods and period related problems. Menstruation is not shameful, it’s as natural as digestion or any other body act. This shame has brought about a lot of conditions/illnesses ignored and dismissed making a lot of young women suffer in silence.

image: menstruationhygieneday.org
image: menstruationhygieneday.org

I don’t think we talk about menstruation enough . #MenstruationMatters is something that affects the larger society as a whole. It’s no longer a woman’s problem or a woman’s shame and neither is it a poor woman’s problem. We need doctors, teachers, guardians and parents to learn more about menstruation and teach young girls about it. We need to talk openly about our bodies, how our menstruation is and what is considered normal/not normal, why that is so and what can and is being done about it. What hygiene measures one needs to have especially where there is little access to water. We need more, a lot more awareness and access to reusable sanitary products from pads to menstrual cups and not just to regions far from towns but in towns as well as not everyone is financially capable of buying packets of sanitary towels each month.

As I said, menstruation matters is a society issue. As a man, how aware are you about menstruation? Are you those who shame women during their periods? If so, why? Let’s not be ignorant. Educate yourself. Don’t learn because you have a sister, a mother or partner but because you care about a fellow human being.

More to come because we must never stop talking….

image: menstruationhygieneday.org
image: menstruationhygieneday.org

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