My ‘usual’ morning




Today started well, at least for the first 3 minutes. That is before I stepped out of bed and searing pain shot from my left side of the neck straight to my left leg down to my toes.  I had to sit back on the bed. I tried to breathe in and out slowly as this pain has become part of my daily ritual. Another 2 minutes of another deep breathing and I managed to get up only to be sent back to bed with a chainsaw roughly ripping me in two at my waist and that when I knew, it’s that time of the month.

I had been told I had endometriosis by at least two doctors like 3 years now but that was after over 10 years of pain and being told ‘its normal’ by different gynaecologist in almost all hospitals I had been in. From the government hospitals to ‘high class hospitals’ and even private doctors (I will get to that story in another article).

So I pop my usual sweets (read painkillers). I nowadays take them more than a child takes sweets coz of my ‘usual’ aches and pains. Today I shall pop 3 of them in order to actually stand up like a granny going on 100.

So all my day plans are cancelled and I have to use my ‘usual’ lie to any client or person I was meeting….’ I have a really bad headache and I don’t think I can make it’…at that time I have to sound as composed as possible while clearly my tear ducts are filled with pain as these are not just tears. This is my ‘usual’ horizontal days. I navigate between my bed and the sofa. The most almost vertical position I get to be in is when I have to finish a whole pack of sanitary in one day.



Due to the painkillers consumption and needing to absorb the pain, I take a short nap at around 2pm and oops, it’s now 7pm. I awake but this time all of my body is screaming. Everything seems to be aching including the headache I purportedly had. I am in so much pain I actually throw up. So I drag my mass of aches and take a long very hot shower. Anything to relieve the muscle aches and the tears that no longer are outward but inward.

At this rate, I need a change of gynaecologist then I remember I was recommended at good one but he charges sh5,000 for consultation… I guess I’ll be popping more pains pills as prescribed by my current doc. The new doc will have to wait. Now am seated having lunch at 8pm all moody, fatigued and achy and just when I think the day is over, I remember today is day 1 of 7.

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  1. Very Inspiring. Very Creative . Simplistic in nature and I like the outlay. Most importantly the awareness creation. Keep Up

  2. I can only imagine how many women go through this and don’t talk about it, for lack of information especially. Wham it very courageous of you to fight for this, you are a true warrior! Is there like a long term solution? because thinking that this happens every month is disturbing!

    • Hi Namatsi,
      I have to realise many of us go through it silently and get depressed because we dont know what is wrong or feel we are all alone. I am trying to create awareness through my experiences and also let women have a voice in issues affecting them. So far there is no certain solution , just different methods that dont apply to everyone. So far I have tried a few methods but they have not healed me but trying not to give up.

  3. It is amazing how we take things for granted yet there are so many ladies silently suffering. Very interesting and I hope that you are successful in creating awareness and get some relief.

  4. I’m sorry you have to go through this Whammy. I hope you speaking out will spread awareness of this condition.

    • Hi Ket,
      Alot of women are going through this and to be honest, the silence over time is very draining emotionally and physically so I thought I could share and let others out there know that they are not alone and together we can find a way to move forward. The sharing also helps me emotionally. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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