“Oooh! That itch in my vagina…” Have you considered the effects of that douche? #BACTERIALVAGINOSIS and #DOUCHING


Ask any girl whether they want to stay fresh ‘down the aisle,’ sorry, I mean the undercarriage (it is bad manners to be blunt in the African culture). 51 per cent will probably raise up their hands. Ironically, over 15 per cent of the hands raised will douche. Seriously, if you want to keep your vagina fresh, stay away from douching forever!

OK, the bare truth. The undercarriage many times is subjected to lots of feminine cleansing washes. From tampons to pads… If you have not used them before you probably have heard about them. If you are using any to wash the vagina, you should not… sorry to spoil your party, but hey, millions of women have played the one being duped by gullibly falling into the douching trap. The thing is, douching has the opposite effect, consider this a warning.


Maybe you don’t understand the term douching. It is this practice of washing and cleaning out the vagina with a mixture of water and other fluids (that may include vinegar). The desired end of this kind of cleaning is staying fresh. A study in the united states alone suggests that one in five women aged between 15 and 44 will douche. Wait a minute, are you aware of the health risks that accompany this cleansing ritual?

Dr. Draion Burch, OBGYN says douching on your private parts is a huge mistake and has full potent of harming the subject.

“Your vagina has a balance of good and bad bacteria, when you douche, you wipe out the good bacteria and allow the bad bacteria to overgrow, leading to bacterial vaginosis.”


The Irony involved here is, the expected fresh and clean fragrance is almost always replaced by a very strong odor that warns of bacterial vaginosis.


Ever heard of bacterial vaginosis? Beware… You are at risk of this…

Bacterial vaginosis is an inflammation that is caused by excessive growth of bacteria found naturally in the vagina. These bacteria basically affects the natural balance down there. Women in their reproductive years are potentially at risk of getting bacterial vaginosis, though it does not respect age. It is definitely sexually transmitted (unprotected sexual activity). However, the highest etiological (risk) factor is, guess what?  FREQUENT DOUCHING!

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Check out the following symptoms of bacterial vaginosis;

  • Thin, gray, white or green vaginal discharge
  • Foul-smelling “fishy” vaginal odor
  • Vaginal itching
  • Burning during urination

Now, it is important to know that bacterial vaginosis is common and can affect any woman. Secondly, bacterial vaginosis can be treated by prescribed medication. More importantly, if left untreated, the risk of sexually transmitted infections is high and can cause problems during pregnancy. Major cause of bacterial vaginosis? THE DOUCHE…

Verdict? You should absolutely never douche…

“Women over 40 tend to douche more. It’s often a generational thing, with the grandmother teaching the mother that she should douche after sex or menstruation, then the mother teaches her daughter the same, and so on.”


Why should you never Douche?

Because your body does not need douching. The douching industry preys on the insecurities of women. Leave the vagina alone! It is sufficient to take care of its own cleaning. The vagina has its own cleaning system and apparatus in place. The apparatus include the naturally made mucous in the vagina to wash away blood, semen and the normal vaginal discharge. Water is enough on the vulva, use it. Skip that soap to prevent valvular irritations. All the adverts you see on the douche are a scam. Keep yourself and have better health!

In case you are worried about vaginal odor, it is time to talk to your doctor, not to douche. Also, clean healthy vaginas have some kind of odor, mild though. This odor changes throughout the day. These are the things to avoid like a plague; scented tampons, pads, powders, and sprays which make you susceptible to vaginal infections, like bacterial vaginosis.

Douching and Pregnancy…

In most cases, douching makes it harder to conceive and when one finally does, problems may arise during pregnancy. Douching once a month puts you at a higher disadvantage compared to someone who does not douche. Also, douching damages the fallopian tubes thus increasing the risk of the life threatening ectopic pregnancy as well as reduce the chances of having a future pregnancy. Moreover, it raises the risk of premature birth which is associated with health problems for the baby and the mother compounded with high costs of health maintenance.

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