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Have you ever thought of how homeless women and girls in your area, town or home get through their periods? The lack of availability mainly because of lack of finance not only affects homeless women but those who are poor and cannot afford to get regular/monthly sanitary pads.

For school going girls, some are forced to miss several days of school or have to live with the shame of leaky stuffing that they use because they cannot afford sanitary towels. Infections are also very common in such situations. This is a shame and this is something that has to stop as periods should not be hindrance to daily life.

Watch this video by BUSTLE on Homelessness+Periods .

So as you go through your daily life, please not only remember but assist those girls and women that deserve proper care and sanitation during this period.


  • If you have more information on reusable or washable sanitary pads and menstrual cups, please write to us on wham@lindaafya.co.ke so that we can expound more and share information on these options  and how to access them.
  • If you have experienced this situation and would like to share your experience so as to create more awareness also write to us on wham@lindaafya.co.ke so that we share your story.

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