Urgh… Stained my clothes….. That #PeriodStain oopsy

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In my pre-period years after that very basic menstruation talk I used to wonder why or how a woman would stain her skirt/pants. It just didn’t make sense. We were taught periods came every 28 days like clockwork for only 3 days and only teaspoons throughout the period. So yes, it didn’t make sense to see the other older school girls with a red stain and even worse women teachers or women everywhere and since talking about periods was frowned up I had no one to ask…… well, until the periods came…. It was and is nothing like those textbook definitions at all.

There are so many conditions that come with menstruation that cause heavy flows or irregular periods… We will look into them in other articles but let us now look at that rude ass period that catches us unawares or comes flooding in.

How many of us keep track of exact dates in our day to day running of lives? We know the days but unless you are actually writing the date that is normally not the first thing you remember unless you are getting paid so even those with ‘normal’ clockwork periods, forgetting the dates and getting ‘surprised’ by periods is very common. Not all women experience the crazy PMS or the pre-period cramps slightly before periods and so there is the ‘going to pee only to see a red stain uurrgghhh’ moment or ‘the sudden OMG wetness to feel the stain through the panties to the skirt’ or ‘someone especially a fellow woman standing behind you and whispering that you have stained your dress’ or ‘when you have worn that light bottom that you love and boom’.

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Even those with period apps will tell you how the period which is expected on the 4th of that month decides it is bored of waiting and boom it comes marching in the 1st unexpectedly. Aarrggghhhhh or decides to extend its holiday and boom on the 9th just after you’ve prepared yourself and are on your way to work it shows up. Yes, periods have their internal clock and don’t care who you are.

Caught it this time on time and it came as scheduled? Hooray but have you ever been on your periods, especially day 2 when for most is heavy and that is the day you are called in for the longest meeting in history or the traffic jam that day would make one start a LOTR trilogy and finish having moved 3 meters. Gone to change your sanitary product of choice and just when you are back that’s when the flow has an explosive outpouring or having that cough that has an agenda to rip your lungs out during your periods.

We don’t choose to stain the skirt/pants. It has happened to a lot of us. I believe no one does so if this happens to someone next to you, don’t shame then. Politely get them aside and let them know coz they might not even have a clue. Help them through it because the embarrassment one as if dealing with periods is not taxing enough, sometimes you just need to feel safe with someone’s help through this.


How to get rid of that Period Stain

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  1. Run the stained cloth over cold water (soak in cold water if the blood stain has dried up)
  2. Rub salt to the stain
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda works too


  • For whites, dip a clean white cloth in hydrogen peroxide (even local supermarkets have this. Should be around sh100) and gently rub the bloodstain. Peroxide has an amazing ability to lift bloodstains, but if that doesn’t work, soak the item in a stronger solution of one part bleach mixed with six parts water for a couple of hours. Make sure you don’t splash (bleach take color out of clothes and carpets) and wash your hands immediately afterward.
  • For colors, try making a solution of two parts water mixed with one part salt. Immerse the fabric, rubbing the stained area gently with salt to erase the stain.

If a stain doesn’t come out the first time, all is not lost. Give it another shot, yes they can get rude *sideeye emoji.

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