Safe #Sex: Educate Yourself

In a world that glorifies sexual gratification, everyone wants a night out and/or a chill-out. Many finish the experiences with engaging in unplanned sexual activities. Apparently, there is a satisfaction that comes with this kind of behavior. Really? Maybe not. Unfortunately, there is a specific population that has to deal with the consequences of practicing unsafe sex more than the other. This is true with women and the young.

What is considered to be safe sex?

A woman who knows how to take care of herself protects herself from vices that can destroy her image and self-confidence. She stands tall among her peers and becomes an obvious inspiration to those around her, young and old. A real pleasure and treasure.

A buzzard in a cage that is open upwards cannot find freedom until she looks up. It often does not happen but the truth is that it can! A woman with information on how to take care of herself is like a buzzard who does not only fly around in a cage but looks up to see the open space and frees herself to the possibilities she has in a safe environment.

Sex benefits both parties. Not just one

Safe sex is more than using all the available birth control methods. As a woman, know how to protect yourself from the destructive practices of unsafe sex. Part of taking care of yourself is to ‘look up’. Acquire, first and foremost knowledge that puts you a cut above the rest and secondly find a way of protecting yourself from physical harm.

The pressure women go through to have unprotected sex risking their future

There are many reasons why a woman would go on with having unprotected sex, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.
If you want to be in a relationship so bad that you agree to the pressure of having sex with a guy who has threatened to leave, he will still leave. ‘If I don’t have sex with him, he won’t want to be with me’ kind of guy will do exactly what you dread happening. He will leave!

It is your right to say NO

This is not the kind of guy you want to date. If you proceed despite these obvious red flags, you will end up being emotionally damaged. Once this happens, you will develop an emotional thick skin that does not care anymore what happens to you physically in future. It is harder to regain lost innocence.

This is the truth. There is no guarantee that a man will respect you if you bow to pressure and go to bed with him.

This how you protect yourself from emotional hurt…

Safe sex helps to keep you physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Not everyone is able to detach themselves emotionally from sex. Our being has not been wired that way. Physical and emotional intimacy connects two people in a strong bond. A break up in such a case hurts a lot and can cause severe to chronic emotional damage. Get to know the person and learn about the person. Have an open communication with whoever you are having sex with. The rest can and will be done in a safe setup with the necessary approvals. This is how you protect yourself, precious woman.

Protect yourself physically too…

Incidences occur in life that exploits the vulnerability of a woman. Incidences like domestic violence, forced sex and rape, force women into unsafe sex. Now the consequences of these incidences do not consider that it was not your fault. True, it is not the woman’s fault. However, the consequences stick like a malady, in addition to a life of shame, guilt, bitterness and emotional breakdown.

Rape – It is not your fault. Rape is 100% caused by rapists.

Most women can’t overcome the masculine structure. So in a case where a man wants to take advantage of this vulnerability, what do you do?



Use of birth control pills may not necessarily be a safe sex practice…

The world with all these sexual cravings has moved to a place where family size is preferred small. The pressure is not only on those in families already. Birth control pills have now taken a centre stage within and outside the family. Outside because the young generation wants to enjoy unprotected sex while avoiding the consequences thereof. Consequently, birth control pills have gained traction.

This is what you need to know about contraceptives. There are a number of side effects that come as a result of their use ranging from mild effects like nausea and headaches to pronounced effects like, bleeding other than periods, tender breasts and decreased libido.

Birth control pills use the hormone oestrogen. This hormone is the one responsible for blocking conception. However, oestrogen in the pills can be detrimental to a woman’s health. They can lead to but not limited to increased chances of blood clots and cardiac problems. They are also an aetiology for migraines, breast cancer, increased mutations and marked endocrinal effects.

Sex Education and its importance

Sex education is just as important as any other subject, whether you are planning to be sexually active or not. It is important to learn about topics that make up sex education; contraception, anatomy, sex etc. Everyone has a right to access comprehensive, medically accurate sex education.

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