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How much do you value you? How often have you contemplated changing to a healthier lifestyle? And how far did you go? Habits are hard to kick especially if they don’t require any effort hence we have endless excuses of why we shouldn’t change. The thing about changing to a healthier lifestyle is commitment. Commitment is not easy but you are committing to yourself, you are your end result. Lifestyle condition and diseases have been on the rise and most of these can be avoided by taking charge of your health. Some of the mental conditions are also brought by our day to day lifestyles. Ask yourself, what have you done today to improve yourself/health/life?

The following are steps that will help you to change your diet, increase your exercise levels and put a positive step on your lifestyle.

  1. Change your Attitude

Its only you who has the power to change your life no matter the situation. Believe in yourself and you can do it. Create your mental empowerment. How do you deal with stress, emotions, anger? Emotions are part of life, how about dealing with them in a positive way? Instead of binge-eating or smoking, how about going to the gym, how about doing some house cleaning, talking or writing out your problems.

  1. Write down goals: Realistic goals

Write down your goals and what you aim to achieve. Break them down into short term and long term goals. Break them into actionable goals that you end up ticking once achieved enabling you to see the progress, your growth. In that notebook, write down new things you’d like to experience or learn. So not only are you seeing you grow target wise but you are also learning new experiences.


  1. Check what you consume

Choose healthy options and learn how to ration. Trust, your body will thank you.

  1. Take time off

You are not a machine, your mental and body need a break. Take time off to replenish yourself physically, spiritually and mentally. This improves your overall wellness. You also get to step back and refresh your perspective and review your goals.

A 2005 study found that women who don’t take regular breaks are up to three times more likely to be depressed than women who take them often.


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