That hushed tone topic: RAPE


Of late we have heard of a lot of rape cases in the country from the old to the young women from all breeds of men. This should be disturbing especially the fact that we all seem to be taking it too casually to a point of making jokes about it. We are now focused on glorifying the perpetrators rather than shaming the act and fighting for justice for the victim.

If you read around there are a lot of articles on what women can do to prevent rape or what to do after being raped such as BAKE . While all said and done that is good advice but how come we aren’t taking this battle to the most perpetrators who are of the male gender? We should teach our boys from a very early age onset of the repercussions of raping a woman. The mental, physical and emotional harm a woman goes through during and after an ordeal. We need to be proactive not just reactive.

When a rape case is being reported, most of us will change the channel. That is not news so we move to the next TV channel as they discuss politics. It is a hushed tones topic. Especially if your child is within the vicinity. You don’t want them to see such a report. Your daughters in such instances grow up knowing it a shame to be raped and they should not only not report it but it is their fault. Most victims even when reporting are never taken seriously by the police. Some are dismissed because some are not trained how to handle rape cases or simply don’t care. Your sons now learn that it is not a big deal to rape and besides they have heard you discussing with your partner of how most of these rapists especially those with deep pockets get away with it.

You all just shrug it off because it is not someone directly related to you by blood or friendship. We just want to discuss the perpetrator in our little ‘drinking kamukunjis’ and ‘chamas’. No one wants to offer counselling to the victim or help pay for her to get the perpetrator convicted. We don’t even want to associate with them, give them a helping hand. We are just spectators. Our society is failing and we are turning a blind eye to this. Our children need to be protected and not by hiding and assuming they will just know but by getting raw with them. The media also only reports on the incident but never follow up on the victim and their recovery. Seriously, why are we like this?

The information your son/daughter will get out there….. I shouldn’t say more, look at what is currently happening. Take a stand as a parent, teach your sons to respect women of all walks of life. Let them learn the value of that respect, let them see what happens to the victims of such abuse and constantly remind them that these are their sisters, mothers, future wives and leaders of the future.  It’s time to get real, rape is real and is killing our sisters . Play your part to create a safe environment for your sister, wife and mother. Teach your children and also offer a helping hand to those affected. They too deserve to be loved and not forgotten.

In case of rape, please report to:

  • Cen­tre for Assault and Recov­ery in Eldoret (CARE) sit­u­ated at the Moi Teach­ing and Refer­ral Cen­tre
  • The Coast Gen­eral Hos­pi­tal Recov­ery Cen­tre,
  • Gen­der Based Vio­lence Recov­ery Cen­tre (GBVRC) at the Keny­atta National Hos­pi­tal,
  • Taita Taveta Dis­trict hos­pi­tal,
  • Biafra Clinic in East­leigh Nairobi,
  • Jinja dis­trict hos­pi­tal and
  • Mlago hos­pi­tal in Kam­pala Uganda. (info from:

GVRC  cen­tres provide FREE medical and psy­choso­cial support to survivors of gender based violence in East and Central Africa.

In case you know of somewhere else within the country, please let us know to spread the word to our sisters.

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