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Milk is a rich nutritional source with many essential vitamins and minerals vital in bone development, strength and prevention of bone disorders. Its anti-acidity protects young children from ill-dental health. Its water amounts are enough to keep the body hydrated. The vitamins and minerals contained in milk improve intake of essential nutrients, thus making the body fit, healthy and strong.

UHT Milk

We can not over-emphasize the health benefits of milk. However, the choice process of milk preparation is of greater importance to health. Lots of time invested in research on milk brands has placed UHT processed Milk a cut above the rest. Its preparation is highly controlled with intricate details in the heating and preserving processes that do away with any possibility of contamination. It is then packed into a highly sterile six-layer Tetra Pak® to avoid re-infection. These and many others are the tenets of UHT milk that make it a safe product for use for both adults and children.

Highly controlled preparation in milk processing

Milk is naturally vulnerable to contamination and quality degradation right from the initial stages of milking. Its vulnerability to contamination increases with the different conventional stages of collection and transportation as well as storage and retailing. As such, highly controlled milk processing right from the initial stages is compulsorily followed by immediate and proper packaging.

UHT Milk goes through a chain of quality checks that include chilling at the collection point before being transported for processing in aseptic containers. At the processing point, other rigorous checks are done before the aseptic processing that includes the UHT process. This UHT eliminates bacteria and impurities that are detrimental to human and animal health without losing essential elements.

The UHT process

This process involves exposing milk to brief (usually 4 seconds), intense heating temperatures (135 – 140 ºC). The continuous process takes place in a closed system that prevents contamination. The process ensures the UHT milk is passed through successive heating and cooling stages then immediately packed in a sterile six-layer carton Tetra Pak®.

The process also ensures that aseptic milk packaging is achieved, which elongates the storage period to six months without refrigeration or preservatives. However, once opened the milk product must be refrigerated.

Many families buy loose milk and boil it at home. The assumption for doing this is that boiling balances the purity levels with packaged milk. This is a hoax in elephantine magnitudes. On the contrary, boiling loose milk only aggravates the problem. This is because, first, when milk is boiled for several minutes as it is done at home, essential nutrients are destroyed. Secondly, the maximum temperature that can be achieved at home is 100 ºC, a temperature that cannot destroy all milk bacteria or microorganisms.


UHT milk is packed in a six-layered packaging method that is unique only to Tetra

Pak’s innovative technology. It consists of a laminate of six layers that consist of high-quality Paperboard (70%), Polyethylene (24%) and Aluminum (6%). The Paper provides stiffness, strength and shape to the package while the Polyethylene sandwich makes the packaging liquid-tight with an external protective coating that keeps it dry. The ultra-thin Aluminum coating prevents light and oxygen thus eliminating the need for refrigeration. The six layers in quick succession are polyethylene, paper, polyethylene, aluminium foil, polyethylene and polyethylene.

Safety of Tetra Pak Packaging

For over 60 years, we have been trusted globally in 170 countries. In Greater Middle East and Africa region alone, over 28bn packs are consumed by millions of consumers to fulfil their dietary needs. Food safety is an integral part of Tetra Pak’s vision that reads,

“We commit to making food safe and available, everywhere.”

The unique six-layered packaging ensures that there is no ingress of any contaminants into the package, making it completely safe to consume for the whole family

Chemical Treatment

Exposure to air, light and bacteria are the necessary conditions for milk to go bad/sour. Ultra-Heat Treatment of packaged milk eliminates all germs and bacteria in milk while the Tetra Pak creates a barrier preventing entry of air and light. As such packaged milk does not need chemical treatment.

The above are the advantages of using UHT milk over the other fresh packet milk or loose milk in the market. With the UHT processes, everyone young and old in the family is cushioned from ill-health. Food safety is number one concern to the general population’s health and wellness and therefore awareness on safe products is vital.

Time to have some milk….

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