#Warrior ~ Her Emotional Journey Matters Too

People assume and expect especially for women, if you have a chronic or invisible illness, you are supposed to be a champion for the cause. Create awareness and fight. No one ever asks or wants to know how the illness is mentally draining you or how the expectation of being a champion means you have to be strong at all times makes the woman more drained emotionally and mentally. At this point, you are not expected to fail, be weak, show weakness, be emotionally affected and expose the physical drain of your illness.

We forget these forced or choose to be champions also go through the battles every single time. They too are physically, emotionally and mentally stressed. They too need to feel that they matter and those moments of breakdown are not a sign of weakness and that it is okay not to be okay.

Do not pressure a warrior just because you feel they should champion for their illness, it is their right to speak or not speak on it. You do not know their battle. Just because they choose not to shout, does not make them weak or their voices less valuable. Ask yourself what you are doing to make her feel more comfortable to express her true pain, agony, stress and how you can walk with her in her journey.

Do not judge when a champion can’t. They too are warriors and it takes an extra emotional energy to do what they do and that does get depleted. They too feel the emotional, mental and physical pain and drain and need the support.

She does her best to walk in the shoes she has..


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